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In case study writing, there are two major approaches that can be used; the first major technique that can be employed is referred to as the analytical approach. In this, one seeks to find out what has happened and why it happened in the first place. In essence, it can be approached from an inquiry point of view. The second major approach in case study writing is problem-oriented. In this, one identifies an existing problem or issue and then drafts applicable solutions to tackle the same. Generally, in case study writing, one must observe a standard style of writing that takes into consideration certain key aspects. It is always crucial to have a compelling title or topic in case study writing so that it can give a broad idea of the whole paper. Vague titles or headings should thus be avoided; equally, the title shouldn’t be too lengthy.

During case study writing, it is also of paramount importance to give a precise account of the main purpose of the study; this helps to shed more light into the main contents. The next key step in case study writing is the description of the field research process that was undertaken. In the description, aspects such as data collection, data evaluation or analysis should be clearly illustrated. The field research is followed by findings and this plays a very pivotal role towards the success or quality of any given case study writing. The findings should be written in such a way that the reader easily understands them without much struggle or strain.

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From this, the next stage in case study writing is providing a comprehensive theoretical framework so as to support the findings of the study. It is very essential to adhere to the guidelines of in-text citations while writing a literature review so as to avoid plagiarism. Proper attribution of sources should thus be given thorough consideration.After the literature review, the next step in case study writing is giving a concrete account of the assumptions made while comparing the findings to the available literature or theoretical background.

In case study writing, this step is followed by the discussion and conclusion parts which lead to recommendations. The recommendations in case study writing should be applicable to the prevailing conditions or circumstances. A mechanism for implementation should also be provided for in case study writing so as to help the reader assess the costs that may be incurred. Finally, all case study writings must have a proper reference section which gives a comprehensive outline of all the sources and materials used in the entire process. These stages require a lot of experience but unfortunately, most students do not possess that.

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