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This style presents two systems of documentation: (a) notes and bibliography, (b) author date. The notes and bibliography style presents information on bibliography in notes. Many prefer this style in humanities, literature, arts and history. Those in social, physical and natural sciences use author-date system. In this system, sources are cited by last name of the author and publication date. In Chicago writing styles, titles are between seven and fifteen words long. A title and subtitle is used as a device to create elegance and are separated by a colon. To balance the titles, one should be broad and the other focused.

The title page consists of the research paper title, the writer’s name, the discipline, the name of the instructor and the submission date. A title page with the title centered halfway down the page with name, date and date should be only be for those papers that are longer than five pages. Page numbers are given as headers located at the top and on the right. The header consists the writer’s last name, page number with the title being 1.After the title page is the abstract which gives brief information about the research. Next is the table of contents. Margins of one inch should be used except for page numbers.

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The Chicago essay should be double spaced excluding the bibliography and the notes and there should be no blank lines between paragraphs. A half inch on the left is indented to the first line of each new paragraph and one inch on the left is indented to the set-off quotations. Italics or underlining is used for book titles or emphasis. The page numbers are put half an inch from the top edge of the paper and the numbers are not spelt out and are not preceded with the word page. Only one space should be put between sentences. Chicago writing styles uses bibliographic notes instead of in-text citations. At the end of the essay, endnotes are gathered together while at the end of the essay, pagination continues. Following the note numbers used in the text, notes are numbered and the numbers in the end note are in normal text followed by a period and a space. Half an inch is indented to the first line of the note; the lines that follow are flush left. Notes are single spaced and a blank line put between them.

Writing research papers in Chicago writing styles requires carrying out research where consulting of the sources must be done and these sources must be documented in the research papers using Chicago writing styles. There are other types of Chicago style paper and they include; Chicago term papers, Chicago thesis, Chicago essay and Chicago dissertations. Most students find it difficult to format their essays using Chicago writing styles and so they have opted to get Chicago style essays from those companies that offer essays in Chicago writing styles. Writers in a custom writing company should be able to write essays in using Chicago writing styles; they should be familiar with this style and this will make it easy for them to write papers using Chicago writing styles. They should write essays which are non- plagiarized.

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