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How to choose an amazing essay topic on argumentative writing

It is no secret that half the battle of writing an argumentative essay is won when you have an amazing subject to debate on. Below I will mention a few of such topics and its premises you could write your essay on.

1. Euthanasia, ethical or not: Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease either through their consent, or consent from next of kin. Although it has been legalized in countries like France, Netherlands, parts of U.S.A, it is still considered inhumane in many parts of the world, and there where it is legal, there are many activists protesting against it. What do you feel? Is it ethical? Back your views and opinions with facts, logic, testimonials, statistics, etc.

2. ISIS refugee crisis in Europe: Since the refugee crisis that took place in Syria, Europe decided to take in a lot of the refugees that needed to get out from their country. Even though the powerhouse countries like Germany aggressively suggested other European countries to take in a certain number of refugees, while housing a majority of the same themselves, many have been opposed to this idea. The residents of these countries, however, are divided. These sentiments were further strengthened when the terrorist attacks happened in parts of France, Turkey, Brussels and now Munich. What do you feel?

3. Abortion: Abortion is a huge controversy and is, in my opinion, a great argumentative writing topic. It is legal to abort in countries like the US whereas in countries like India; it is illegal to even determine the sex of the unborn child. Catholic countries like Dublin faced huge allegations when one doctor decided against aborting a child even though that was the only way to save the mother’s life. The doctor’s excuse was that his religion did not allow him to abort, which sparked outrage in corners of the world. What’s your view on abortion?

4. Human rights in the context of terrorism: To what extent can you consider a human being is indulging in terrorist activities in the application of the principles of human rights as enshrined by the United Nations Human Rights Commission?

5. Gun law in America: The residents of the US are legally allowed to own a licensed gun. With the recent shootings in multiple schools and other public places, people have been shaken to their very core. Yet, it seems no one is ready to give up their right to own a gun. They feel it is a ‘fundamental right.' They refuse to be a part of the solution to mass killings of innocent children. What do you feel about the gun law? Should they keep it or ban it? What are your views?

These are some of the topics you could use for a very compelling argumentative essay. Remember to back your ideas with sound logic and statistics. You may even refer to case studies. Good luck!

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