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Philosophical writing is quite different from other forms of academic writing. This article will highlight some of the guidelines that can help students to come up with persuasive philosophy papers. It is first of all essential to understand the virtues of philosophy papers. This is considered in terms of what a philosophy paper writer is attempting to accomplish. The first virtue is clarity, whereby writers should simply and straightforwardly present their points of view. Depth of analysis and critical questioning is another virtue of philosophy papers. It is essential for a writer to critically analyze a philosophical issue, highlight as well as question various perspectives to the issue in question. Consideration of arguments is another virtue of philosophy papers, whereby a writer is required to explicitly exhibit reasons for the opinions and views that he or she holds. Logical organization is also important when writing philosophy papers. In this case, writers are required to give a justification of every argument of point written down. The final virtue is originality, whereby philosophy paper writers are required to think critically in order to come with their own views of a philosophical issue.

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The most difficult step in writing philosophy papers is introducing the paper. It is essential for students to know that introductions are dedicated to explaining to readers what to expect. A writer should put much focus on the topic and try to understand what the philosophy paper requires. The two common types of philosophy papers that students might be asked to write are reconstructive and consideration of an argument for or against a certain thesis. The first case required giving an explanation of a given thesis. The second case on the other hand required addressing of a given philosophical issue and declaring a stand. It is therefore fundamental for students to clearly understand what is required of them before starting on the task of writing philosophy papers.

Making an outline is essential when writing philosophy papers. The papers should have a structure that is clear and as well as well-organized arguments. Therefore making an outline would enable a student to give logical organization. Several drafts of philosophy papers should be made before coming up with the final draft. A student needs not to be afraid of editing a paper ruthlessly. It is essential to make use of footnotes and quotations. If quoted from a source, the quotation has to be marked using quotes. On the other hand, of an idea is quoted indirectly, it should be acknowledged using a footnote. A footnote should contain relevant information such as the author, title of the source, publisher, date of publication and the page number of line. Plagiarism and academic integrity should also be taken into account when writing philosophy papers.

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Ideas derived from others should be clearly acknowledged and referenced. This is especially necessary when using secondary literary sources of information. Quotation of passages without quotation marks and without acknowledging the author or rephrasing of passages derived from an information source without acknowledging the author violate academic integrity.Adhering to the above information and guidelines would enable students to come up with persuasive philosophy papers. Those who still face challenges should contact us. We are an online writing company dedicated to providing academic writing help to students taking courses in various fields. We provide superior quality philosophy papers at affordable costs.

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